the edge of europe / kadir

Mono-prints from time spent in Lesvos

When I left the UK for Greece I took one stack of duplex paper, and some notepads. There was a lot of aimless time between food deliveries to various camps/squats/houses and a lot of sitting around in cafes. A few of us also asked a lot of questions about solidarity work. One that still sticks is “What can you really do to help someone that can not move forwards or backwards”.




jasper + wallpaper


(Left) “Jasper” – one character (my family dog) from a large image full of stories and people moving between two lands across the sea.

(Right) “Fig wallpaper” – A hand drawn repeated pattern of fig tree branches.

points + symbols

This is one early set of images from a longer personal project. I hope to be able to show this work towards the end of the year. They are done with monoprint/carbon paper, a camera and digital color.